Výuka češtiny pro cizince

Vyučujeme podle osvědčeného komunikativního kurzu „New Czech step by step“. Kurz je založen na praktické a komunikativní učebnici moderního českého jazyka, která se skládá ze studentské knihy a pracovního sešitu.

Výuku vede lektor Mgr. Milan Pošepný, absolvent oboru český jazyk – anglický jazyk.



 STEFAN FRIESEN - Head of ACB/MD BA-  OEZ s.r.o. (Siemens Group) Letohrad

I have greatly enjoyed my experience studying Czech language with Jazyková škola - Ústí nad Orlicí. Milan is a very personable instructor and provides excellent language training infused with local cultural and political information that makes the class much more than just language study.

I am confident that anyone interested in Czech language study will be very pleased with the engaging instruction style that makes this one of the best language schools I have ever attended.



 FLORIAN ECKMÜLLER - Head of MCCB Controlling - OEZ s.r.o. (Siemens Group) Letohrad



As an expatriate living and working in the Czech republic for Siemens AG, learning the Czech language is the key to communicate and connect with people inside and outside of the working life. In addition to that the language course helped me to develop an understanding of Czech culture and history.

Moreover, it was interesting for me to see that Czechs and Germans have a lot in common, despite all the obvious differences - like our favour for knedlik.☺

Individual coaching with Mr. Posepny helped me on the short term to solve a huge variety of everyday situations, such as ordering in restaurants, buying food, visiting doctor or bank appointments. The teaching approach together with the book "New Czech Step by Step" was very helpful to get an easy start in the Czech language and helps to increase the basic knowledge of the language very quickly. Showing the similarities and differences of Czech, English and German languages was for me one of the most valuable contributions.

For me personally the language course helped a lot to get a good start in the Czech Republic and gave the ability to communicate in Czech and make friends in the Czech Republic.


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Přihlaste se na výuku češtiny pro cizince!

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